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This Magnificent Fling
Theme: Letting Go
The scale of recent forest fires, drought and flooding in Australia, melting of Greenland glaciers and Arctic ice, the death throes of the Great Barrier Reef and extreme heat events are rapidly moving us into a much more dangerous future. In the words of writer Richard Powers, 'We are cashing in a billion years of planetary savings bonds and blowing it on assorted bling'.

This Magnificent Fling is over, and it is time to rebuild deeper more sustainable relationships with the planet and with each other. It is time to come back home.

We ought also remember, not everyone has had the opportunity to enjoy a Magnificent Fling. Climate justice must be at the heart of our new future.
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'If it burns, replant. Care for it as long as you can, not because things will get better but because it is the only right thing to do.'

Published in The Ecologist, June 2020

Written by Simon Kerr

Arranged by Simon Kerr, Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb

Simon Kerr, Guitar, Vocals
Kylie Morrigan, Violins, Vocals
Mal Webb, Fretless Bass, Vocals and Percussion

Recorded by Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Mixed by Mal Webb

Mastered by Crystal Mastering, Melbourne

This Magnificent Fling

(Guitar Chord with Capo on 3: Dm, C, G)


That summers finally gone I am pleased to know
The orange glow of the forests linger still
Hold on tightly hold on my friends it just begun
Hold on tight while their song is being sung

They say it has been a grand affair
They say now our glory days are coming to an end
We’ve roamed freely we have dined with kings
We’ve had a most magnificent fling

I’ve seen glaciers melting before my eyes
And mountain springs are but a trickle now
Now some say that its time to pay
That figure in the black cape is travelling our way

But I’ve also seen love restore sight to the blind
I’ve seen peoples thrive for 60,000 years
I can see a pathway back to the light again
And a final farewell to this magnificent fling

(Chords G, G/F#, Em, Em7/D, C)

We can find our way again (Rpt x3)

© Simon Kerr 7 Feb 2020

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