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Music can be a voice of protest,

rallying people to a common cause

Musicians can tell stories that matter, 

with humour and compassion,
with beauty and power

Music provides solidarity, community
and solace for our souls in challenging times


From the biggest stages to the local singing group

at a political protest, music speaks to power


We know the story ...

how (some) humans


through burning fossil fuels for energy

massive land clearances and

unsustainable industrial agricultural practices,


have raised the temperature of the planet 


changing the climate ...  and the future

Yet, what many of us have yet to understand is the scale and speed

of these changes

The world we built, know and understand

will increasingly no longer work on this changing planet


The planetary crisis is not an environmental 'issue'

it is a change of Era


There is no going back to the safety of the past

... and this really does change everything

The risks produced by a destabilised climate system

are reshaping every part of our future

An orderly transition is no longer possible

Now we must figure out how to live in the long emergency

Music for a Warming World 

is a musical and visual journey about

living with this new, dangerous and messy future

It is a conversation infused with the

power and emotion

insights and joy

of music and art












The story has four parts ...

Part 1 Acknowledgement

'We've taken a billion years of planetary savings bonds and blown it on assorted bling'

(Richard Powers, The Overstory).


Successfully navigating the future starts with acknowledging that everything has now changed.

Part 2 Letting Go

Much of what we love and cherish will be lost in the coming years:

The Great Barrier Reef, stunning glaciers, much of our forests ...


Hundreds of thousands of other species, and countless millions of other-than-human animals who are dying and will continue to die ...

The loved places, traditions, history and homes of many many humans ...

And the many people who will die from the 'un-natural' disasters that will keep coming

We are called to bear witness

We must learn to grieve

Part 3 Courage and Compassion


We now need to face this future with determination


We not ready for the scale and speed of the planetary crisis


This future will challenge us


Yet, we still have a chance of a future worth living for

After grief, we need to build courage to create new and powerful stories (social narratives) to replace those that got us into this mess

We'd do well to listen much more closely to indigenous peoples whose have cared for country for millennia

And cultivate compassion and care to support and guide us because we can only get through this with strong diverse and inclusive communities


Part 4 Regeneration


When much of the living world has been lost or degraded, our future lies in regeneration, repair, and an ethic of care:

For our forests, grass lands and the non-humans who live there

Bringing the living world back to cities

Restoring our soils and our farming communities

Building new energy systems that rely on the sun, wind and storage.

We have a chance but little time left. Let's role up our sleeves with courage and compassion to imagine a new future worth living for.

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