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Air Pressure


People have said some nice things about our show.

Here is a selection of them ...

'A superb show ... musically virtuosic, entertaining and thought provoking'

(Peter Lino, Tintenbar Live, Northern NSW)

'Their songs and film open our hearts to the tragedy of destruction of our common home, and call us to do more and better'

(Prof Ross Garnaut, AC, Vice Chancellor's Fellow, University of Melbourne, Author of the Garnaut Climate Change Review for the Australian Government in 2008)

'Music for a Warming World performed this afternoon, our final event to wrap up the Festival for 2018; what a powerful way to close off'
(Shepparton Festival, 2018)

'An artistically beautiful composed narrative of song and sight that touches the soul and the conscience of our generation'

(Prof John Braithwaite, Australian National University)

The buzz from participants after the event was electric and many people said that, had they known what they were in for, they would have spread the message far and wide. I encourage everyone to attend.

(Tejinder Gill, Events Coordinator, Willoughby City Council, Sydney)

'A surprisingly lyrical  journey that delivered far more than it promised to do. We were as engaged by the intelligent sensitive commentary as by the beautifully curated and breathtaking images that underscored the music which was glorious in its own right. Troubadours of truth, the message was offered in a spirit of hope and profoundly impacted us all. They demonstrate how art, science and music can converge to promote and provoke new thinking. A memorable performance on every level.'

(Leah and Charles Justin, Justin Art House Museum, Melbourne) (see also the review in their Newsletter) 

'Simon Kerr’s Music for a Warming World is a wonderful mix of music and visuals that entertains, moves and informs. The world faces massive disruption and damage because of global warming but there are solutions. It’s not too late! Simon’s show is a powerful way to reach people, build political power and inspire personal commitment to get these solutions implemented. I thoroughly recommend it'

(Janet Rice, Australian Greens Senator for Victoria)

'Intelligent, thought provoking and entertaining, a wonderfully crafted show performed by Simon and his superb musicians. Festival audiences will love it - a perfect complement to a festival that includes discussions about climate change and our response to this challenge of our time'

(Michael Stewart, Festival Director, Newport Folk Festival)

'Incredible music ... moving live performance ... be entertained, educated and inspired simultaneously - this is real "Tikkun Olam"! (an act of kindness to repair the world)

(Abe Swartz, Radio Presenter)

'Music for a Warming World was an inspired way to connect with the major global issue of our time. We need to not only think about but feel about climate change and what it heralds. Simon's music was in equal parts haunting, hopeful, sad and an inspired call for action. Not only that, but these folks are wonderful to work with and in this for all the right reasons. I cannot recommend Music for a Warming World more highly'

(Libby Porter, Professor of Urban Studies, RMIT University)

'Music for a Warming World’ is an eclectic mix of music, science and some inspired thinking around the human condition. The show explores the science of climate change via a ‘storm’ metaphor, the losses that will inevitably result, how we can fight back through changing ourselves and our society, and how we can still thrive through these challenging times.

There are many great moments and valuable messages through the show, but for me its most powerful contribution is its final section, on getting through hard times by using our imagination, living simply, and finding support and inspiration in our own communities.

That’s the point. The immersive audio-visual experience of Music for a Warming World takes you beyond hard facts to a place where you see things differently. Kerr and his band also opened a door to another, inner, subjective realm of human experience, in which things not believed humanly possible can suddenly become so.

We won’t begin to mitigate climate change without the benefits flowing from families, friends, communities and the products or their imagination. May Simon Kerr survive and thrive to continue to help build the resilience and vision that we need to get through this unholy mess'

(Peter Boyer is a Hobart based science journalist. In 2014 he was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to science communication).

'Simon Kerr's Music for a Warming World works magnificently, drawing us on a journey that weaves together science and emotion, melody and memory, to create deep and lasting change'

(Tim Hollo, Executive Director, Green Music Australia)

'I found it very powerful and think it is very important that it gets more exposure. It really ought not to be missed as it is the perfect instance of bringing science and music together in a very powerful and proactive way.'

(Jenny Pollak, Artist)

‘Extremely engaging and powerful, both intellectually and emotionally

(Prof Don Hine, Psychology, University of New England)

'Brilliant performance - really engaging ... and my 11 year old loved it too!'

(Bronwyn Johnson, Executive Director, Climarte)

'Thanks for the wonderful, thought provoking, and entertaining show at Tatura. Many people came up to me afterwards talking about how great it was and joyously giving me the “thumbs up”, and for a few moments I was able to vicariously enjoy the feeling of being responsible for creating a powerful sense of community purpose when it was really down to The Simon Kerr Perspective. Loved it! Please keep up your wonderful work – the world needs it'

(Robert McLean, Director, Tatura Transition Town Film Festival)

'Music for a Warming World was a magical combination of music, pictures, accurate science and creative words. Its music and its message was accessible to a wide variety of ages and attitudes'

(Rev John McRae, Uniting Church, Hobart) 

A new way of thinking about climate change. Through music and beautiful graphics this show will open your mind and stimulate your senses’. 

(Prof Rod Keenan, Forest and Ecosystem Science, The University of Melbourne)

'It was simply a fabulous evening! We’ve had many very positive comments about your event. People really warmed to the content, the music and singing and to the ambience.  You have struck such an honest note of pathos in your presentation and balanced it so sensitively with hope that encourages courage and resolve to flourish. I’m reminded of former President of the Czech Republic’s words, Vaclav  Havel, “Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”  Your whole program calls the audience forth to their Highest Common Denominators, to what ultimately “makes sense.” I like that'.

(Gail Pritchard, President, A Grandstand for the Environment) 

"After seeing 'Warming for a Warming World' perform at the 2017 ECOCITY conference in Melbourne I was quick to book them for our school Environment Day.  Simon and Christine have put together an inspiring and educational musical and visual performance that gets across many important points about our World and it captivated our students from beginning to end."
(Mark Beers, Sustainability Co-ordinator, Xavier College Burke Hall, Melbourne)

'Music for a Warming World was inspiring, moving, challenging and  educative as well as musically engaging & skillful, ... and it appealed to so many people at different levels.  The activists and community members (who knew a lot less about climate change) all learnt something and were both shocked by how awful the impacts of global warming are, but also inspired by the messages of hope for the future. We have to learn to hold our despair and hope in co-existence and you managed to engage a roomful of folk on a hot afternoon in a stuffy venue for an hour and a half and inspire us to active hope … thank you!'

(Amaryll Perlesz, Darebin Climate Action Now)

If you've been in despair, thinking what the hell can I do about climate change and/or not really sure what it means, see Simon Kerr's ‘Music for a Warming World’.

(Mal Webb, Australian Musical Icon - Note, Mal has since joined the band)

Recently a Multi-media Music Performance evening I went to in Brisbane presented by The Simon Kerr Perspective brought together some great Melbourne musicians for a special evening. Simon Kerr is behind this particular venture, a Politics Academic who's decided guitar & song may be a more powerful way to reach new audiences for communicating around Climate Change & this was one of the formative performances of this developing program.

What struck me was how it felt to be in the audience dealing with this potent material... the contemplative nature of music with visuals breathed life into one's musings ... sitting back in a chair under the stars, it was possible to engage for longer on subjects that media is throwing out all the time in a way that can make one very weary! I didn't find myself tuning out but was drawn in.

It felt more like I was part of a collective experience than it's often possible to feel. I've attended numerous forums & talks over years touching on these themes ... there's been degrees of stimulation or insight that have come from that ... but the music offered something entirely different. And with the visuals + text prompts + other brief input, it really was a very unique space to be sharing with others

(Sophie Munns, Brisbane Visual Artist, Homage to the Seed Project)

'Great music and visuals. Thoughtful lyrics that traverses despair through to hope for our planet' (Associate Professor Vivien Holmes, ANU College of Law)

'Music for a Warming World is deeply inspiring. The music and the visuals are beautifully woven together and delivered by a talented bunch of musicians.  The show left me feeling uplifted and motivated. I highly recommend it',

(Vincent Ryan, Director, Kreative Konnections)

'Simon Kerr's musical / visual interpretation of climate change (Music for a Warming World) is a must experience for everyone concerned about the biggest issue facing humanity. He doesn't shy away from the facts, but ends with great hope'

(Tony Gleeson - Radio Presenter - The Sustainable Hour  - The Pulse - Community Radio, Geelong)

'The Simon Kerr Perspective are tackling the overpowering zeitgeist of climate change and turning it into climate courage. Miss this performance and you could remain, unfortunately, quiet and despondent. See and hear it and your hope and energy could be restored'

(Prof Adrian Evans, Monash University, Convener, Australia and New Zealand Legal Ethics Colloquium, Melbourne, 2015)

'It was such a beautiful and innovative way of tackling global warming. Thanks so much for having me in this fabulous event. I thought this kind of event should be presented to the Korean public as well. There's growing interest in ‘transition city’ in Korea, but the issue is how to broaden the initiative beyond the reach of like-minded people. This event is fantastic to touch on peoples’ empathy, encouraging them to act against global warming'

(Seung-Hun Hong, ANU visiting scholar, South Korea)

Thought provoking and engaging’, 

(Prof Fiona Haines, Social and Political Science, The University of Melbourne) 

'I really enjoyed … the performance by Simon. It was a positive … interpretation of the themes running through the debate on tackling climate change both on a global and a local level. The multimedia performance is a fresh way of considering important issues and how to deal with them'

(Dr Judith Preston, Solicitor and Environmental Law, Macquarie University)

Art can be activism, as this musical production shows. Simon Kerr draws his audience in and sings them through a range of climate-related music and emotions that both challenge and uplifts'

(Dr Samuel Alexander, The Simplicity Institute)

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