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I Will Keep You In My Heart 
Theme: Courage and Compassion

Our lives depend on a healthy planet. We all know this, yet, we are still trashing the place. We need a great transformation in ideas, a profound rethinking of our relationship to the rest of the living world, including the more-than-human creatures that also live here.

Learn to think and talk about this magnificent living world in ways that transform our language of domination to one of interdependence. If we want to see change, then change the way we see the living world and 'keep it in our heart'.


Written by Simon Kerr

Arranged by Simon Kerr, Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb

Simon Kerr, Guitar, Vocals
Kylie Morrigan, Strings, Melodica, Vocals
Mal Webb, Fretless Bass, Organ, Percussion and Vocals

Recorded by Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan


Mixed by Mal Webb

Mastered by Crystal Mastering, Melbourne

I Will Keep You In My Heart

Guitar - Capo on 5th fret, but only over top 5 strings (top E to A) with bottom open and down tuned to D (BPM 75 )
Chords: Am Em (repeats)

Today we are eating the world
It may sound absurd maybe I’ve misheard
But I tell you this is no conspiracy
Its just the age of the global corporate deity
Monsanto or Exxon, Facebook’s monopoly   
How do non-humans become objects
How does a web of complex entities
Vanish from our consciousness and identity
Like the million species we farewell this century?
Gotta be objective that is clear,

And stay silent about subjects of our actions here
If we incline our ear can we hear …. the pulsing of the biosphere?
Is it for us to create their fate? No doubt we do it, we do it every day
In many ways, could it be … just an evolutionary phase?
Sometimes I think we don’t see this clearly and I mean this sincerely
For clarity of perception can be dangerous
For it changes us if we respond to it
For it changes us if we respond to it

I will not forget you, I will keep you in my heart
I will keep you in my heart I will keep you in my heart (Rpt)

Instrumental (8 bars)

But there is a price we pay for blindness
Seeing only what we wish can debilitate kindness
And humans are powerful we are now
a geologic force to be reckoned with  
But that don’t bode too well if we don’t
recognise the limitations of power or force
Blindly seeing the earth as just a resource
Forgetting it’s a relationship of course
It has taken us millions of years to emerge on this earth
We’re the product of time and chance
Entangled in processes deeper that we can observe  
And insight is a learning curve … and wisdom …
Wisdom is the child of humility And only stupidity
Thinks that we can force the issue
Without kindness to guide us there Without kindness to guide us there

I will not forget you, I will keep you in my heart
I will keep you in my heart I will keep you in my heart (Rpt)

© Simon Kerr August 2019 (Boston/Anchorage)

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