19th September 2020

Bearing Witness: Bringing benefit to others through our music

Dr Christina Green is a part of the Musicians Climate Crisis Network and has studied, written and performed music since the early 1980s. She has a wealth of experience and recently completely a PhD in Composition and Musicology. 


She will led us in this session, outlining her journey through creating and performing music that matters:


  • Writing music in an appropriate way about difficult issues (such as how white folk can sensitively support Black Lives Matters)

  • Writing music that bears witness and brings awareness (drawing from her long term Buddhist practice) 

  • Writing music that draws on feminist, queer theory and environmental consciousness (inclusivity in music).

  • Finally, some practical reflections on the challenging art of getting ones music 'out there' and being OK with what comes.


This session will provide a fantastic opportunity to think about and explore things we don’t useful get an opportunity to discuss, in a respectful, inclusive and supportive environment.

22nd August 2020

Charlie Mgee from Formidable Vegetable  http://www.formidablevegetable.com/


Charlie is a leading exponent of Ecological Electro Funk Swing music that, as internationally renowned activist Dr Vandana Shiva describes, 'connects the creativity of nature with the creativity of music’.  


Charlie has been writing, practicing and singing about permaculture, and more widely about humans and the planet for a number of years, filling venues (and dance floors) around the world at across music festivals and gigs. Charlie, along with Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb, core members of FV, were programmed to play at Glastonbury this year, but Charlie decided to not travel due to the ecological issue with flying. They ended up playing anyway … on line! 


Charlie willto talk about his musical journey in using music to tell stories of the earth, what he’s learnt and his thoughts of the roles music can play in creating the new cultural narratives we need.

18th July 2020

Dr Beth Hill from Psychology for a Safe Climate 

I met Beth at a Storying Climate workshop at the University of Melbourne and she has a lot of experience in helping groups navigate the troubling emotions raised by the climate crisis. Add to this the profound social challenges of Covid-19 and the rawness of Black Live Matter, it is a good time to have a chance to sit and process some of this.


Beth will talk a little about what Psychology for a Safe Climate does, which is to help foster emotional engagement with climate change. That is what musicians do as well.  But then take us on a short process she uses with some of the groups she works with. There will be plenty of time to talk, and I hope to think about how our music and art can be a force for good in troubling times

20 June 2020

We will read and discuss some articles around the challenging issue of  food, agriculture, the corona virus. Please try to read them and come ready to discuss. 


Food is personal and cultural, very close to people’s hearts (well, the stomach is!). Yet, how we produce and consume food is a significant contribution. Yet, food and agriculture is rarely addressed in music. We will have a conversation about these issues and what they might mean for us as musicians and songwriters. 

16 May 2020

Stephan Crawford, the founder of the influential The ClimateMusic Project based in San Francisco will join us for our next Musicians Climate Crisis Network meeting on Saturday 16th May at 10.00am 


I met with Stephan and his colleagues last year In San Fransisco and was luckily enough with my timing to be able to attend a ClimateMusic Project concert that night featuring students and faculty from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music who had written a number of amazing pieces addressing climate change. I was really inspired by this collaboration of science and music and would love to see something like this in Australia. 


Read about them here https://climatemusic.org/ and also a great New York Times article about the project.


Stephan will talk about the project and the future. It will be fascinating so I encourage you to Zoom in. This is a rare opportunity to hear about a truly innovation music-climate project. 

28 March 2020

Special guest Susie Crate  Professor of Anthropology at George Mason University, story teller and musician) will join us via Zoom. It not to be missed and will be a fascinating discussion about climate change and community in Siberia, a part of the world most of us will never see, and the role of story telling. Susie has a long history of anthropological research engagement with the social and environmental issues of the region and around permafrost. Most of all, she will tell us some stories about what she has witnessed in the dramatically changing environment of Siberia.

And what is song writing if not the telling of stories.

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