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Only One Way to Head
Theme: Courage and Compassion
We can no longer be pollyannaish about the future. Hoping, with fingers and toes crossed, will not lower emissions nor prepare us for ongoing and worsening climactic and social disruption. Should we then give up? Where can we find hope? Perhaps these are the wrong questions. A more radical and honest approach is to acknowledge we don't know how this will work out. There is a real possibility everything will unravel. The only choice we actually have is what to do next. For that we need courage and determination to make a future worth living, even if there is no guarantee.

In the words of Pablo Casals, 'The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step'. If we want a better future, there is only one way to head. Towards it.


Written by Simon Kerr

Arranged by Simon Kerr, Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb

Simon Kerr: Acoustic and
Electric Guitars and Vocals
Kylie Morrigan: Violins, Vocals
Mal Webb: Fretless Bass, Vocals

Daniel Hook: Drums

Recorded by Mal Webb, Kylie Morrigan and Simon Kerr

Mixed by Mal Webb

Mastered by Crystal Mastering, Melbourne

Thanks to Matt Glass for the use of his lovely Fender Telecaster!

Video is coming

Only One Way to Head

                     Em  C                         G
I don’t want to live and I don’t want to die
Em        C        G
Watching the sun as it heats up the sky
Em            C                  G
Scorching the earth where nothing can grow
Em            C        G      G/C  G 
Melting ice, see the water flow

Verse 2
Its harder to see the things that you love
If you fear what comes from above
In the quiet places I live
In the silence I try to forgive G D/F# Em


       C    G                               D/F#                                 Em
So I’ll fight I’ll not stand back and watch us end this world that I love
        C       G                             D/F#                Em
So I’ll work, never look back there’s only one way to head
                   D/F#            Cmaj7
Repeat Chorus  …. (2nd time) ….there’s only one way to head [STOP]
                       G   G/C   G
One way to head

Verse 3
I don’t want to hear that things will turn out fine
It's not the kind of story we need at this time
When winter comes it comes for us all
Together we stand or together we fall

So we'll fight not stand back and watch us end this world that we love
So we'll work, never look back there’s only one way to head (Rept)

Only one way to head …

(Coda) Em C G D x 8

© Simon Kerr April 2019 (Boston)

© Simon Kerr 7 Feb 2020

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