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Never Gonna Die


This third studio album features Simon's most requested tune, Never Gonna Die. This 9 minute mostly instrumental tune, features Simon on a de-tuned 12 String Guitar and the extraordinary Josh Bennett on Sitar, Tanpura and Tabla.


The album contains over 50 minutes of music, ranging from Mumford & Sons style stomp, articulately constructed folk pieces, REM-esque rock, spoken word with hiphop beats and a roots-style distorted guitar.

Ultimately, it is a folk album, telling stories, reflecting our inner worlds, but not afraid to lay open the foolishness of our public policy in the face of dangerous climate change.

It ends with a beautiful violin centered (non-religious) blessing, with the hope that we will all flourish in our individual worlds.

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Thanks and much Aroha to:

Tiya, for tireless love and support; Kylie, for her beautiful violin and heart; Scott, for his creativity and gracious soul; those other sensational musicians, Marley, Paddy and Scott. Much love to Miche for treasured friendship and fearless management!; Vin, Jen and Marita especially for friendship and constant support; Richard Lawton and the entire Soulsong gang for singing on ‘Moving a Big Sky’; my cherished song-writing buddies, Heidi, Warren, Rose, Melissa and Hannah. To those marvelous Pozible crowd-funding supporters who made this record possible. In particular, supporters extraordinaire, Jen Boyarski, Ben Hoffman, Emmanuelle Duglas, Gerard Kerr and Alan Corral.

Finally, immense love and gratitude to Aurora Jane for guiding me through this record with extraordinary commitment, consummate skill and constant belief in what we were trying to achieve.




Simon Kerr, Six and Twelve String Guitars, Vocals, Percussion (Track 4)

Kylie Morrigan, Violin

Tiya Beggs, Backing Vocals  (Tracks 1, 3, 5)

Scott Lewis, Piano (Track 9), Keys (Track 3), Midi (Track 5)

Aurora Jane, Bass, Electric Guitars (Tracks 2, 4), Backing Vocals (Track 2), Stomp, (Tracks I, 6)

Marley Berry-Pearce, Drums (Tracks 2, 3, 5)

Paddy Montgomery, Mandolin (Track 2)

Josh Bennett, Sitar, Tanpura and Tabla (Track 7)

Soulsong Singers, Final Chorus (Track 5)


Produced by Aurora Jane

Recorded and mixed by Aurora Jane at Aurora Studios, Brunswick

Drums and Bass for tracks 2, 3, 5 recorded at Crosstown Sound Studios, Preston

Piano and Vocals for track 9 recorded at Sunshine Recorder, South Melbourne

Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering, Thornbury, Melbourne


All songs written by Simon Kerr

© 2014 All rights reserved


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