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Air Pressure

Simon Kerr

Simon is the musical driving force of Music for a Warming World and has had a long history in the challenges of climate change. He taught environmental policy at Lincoln University in New Zealand for a number of years, and has a Masters of Applied Science in Environmental Management and a PhD in Political Ecology. He also has extensive research development experience at the University of Otago, The University of Melbourne and La Trobe University and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe and Engagement Lead on a 4 year Commonwealth Funded $12m Water and Environment Research Program on the Murray Darling Basin. In 2019 he attended the first Artists and Climate Change Incubator in Anchorage.

He started the Musicians Climate Crisis Network in 2019 and writes widely on the urgency of the planetary crisis. 


He is a communicator, able to translate the science and politics of climate change into music. Much of his songwriting over the years has addressed the challenges of living sustainably and well on a crowded planet. He also a written songs on many other topics, such a his infamous 'Zombie Bride Trilogy'

Christine Parker

Christine is the co-producer of Music for a Warming World. She is also a Professor in the Law School at the University of Melbourne and an expert on business responses to legal regulation and social responsibilities, the impact of regulatory enforcement on business, lawyers' ethics and the regulation of lawyers.

She is now works on the politics, ethics and regulation of food and its impacts on planetary environmental boundaries and climate change. Christine has a deep interest in the way arts can be used to communicate social issues. She brings a lifetime of commitment to effective communication to this project.

Kylie Morrigan

A highly accomplished classically trained violinist, Kylie played professionally for a number of years, including with Orchestra Victoria, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. She has branched out into contemporary music, and plays with the legendary Mal Webb, the Formidable Vegetable Sound System, and contributes to many other music projects including her show, Bumbles and Moz with Carly Wilding. Kylie has been playing with Simon for over 9 years and is a core and committed contributor to Music for a Warming World, including much of the arrangements on the 2021 Album.

Mal Webb


A legendary Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and vocal adventurer who has played with many leading musicians and bands and tours regularly to the UK and Europe. Mal is a world-class beat-boxer and has been playing regularly with Music for a Warming World since 2016.  He also produced and recorded the single, 'Won't give my money any more', as well as the 2021 Album 'Only One Way to Head'

Scott Lewis

A wonderful musician who plays keys and comes with a significant musical pedigree including organ composition and three months conducting the Tivoli Gardens Orchestra in Copenhagen, among many other musical interests. In addition he has been involved running an animation festival for some years. Scott and Simon have be playing together since 2012

There have been many other wonderful musicians who have contributed to Music for a Warming World Shows since it's inception, including:

Daniel Hook

Drummer and percussionist, had played for some of our bigger gigs. A good drummer is hard to find and Daniel is a very good drummer. He played drums on the single 'Won't give my money any more' and contributed drums to the 2021 Album, 'Only One Way to Head'. 

Tiya Beggs

Vocals, a superb singer who has contributed to Simon's 2nd and 3rd albums and performed extensively with Simon over the last few years.

Tim Hollo

Fabulous and experienced Viola musicians, member of the supergroup, FourPlay String Quartet, Founder and Former Director of Green Music Australia and Director of The Green Institute

Will Hoffmann

An exceptional Button Accordion player, graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, and wonderful human.

Rob Wheeler

Bass Guitar and Trombone, based in Brisbane and well known local musician and all round good guy.

Emma Lees

Versatile and highly capable pianist, keys and saxophone player,based in Byron Bay

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