Musicians & Climate Crisis Network


Are you feeling alone as a musician or choir leader in your concern about the climate crisis?

Let's meet to learn more about the climate crisis, share creative ideas for our music and support each other as we face this crisis

It is for any musician, choir leader, singer, songwriter, composer, teacher, who wants their music to help make a safer future

When and where?

Location and times to be determined when I know how many people are interested, but I hope to start before the end of 2019. Likley location will be near Brunswick, VIC.


Simon Kerr

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Musicians have a role in creating a safer future

We do this, not by doing science, building, solar farms or creating food resilience policies.

We do this by creating new stories about the future

We do this by creating space for reflection and emotional experience

We do this by helping build community solidarity

We do this by bringing energy and beauty into the world

But the climate crisis is unprecedented ... and it looks increasingly like our future will not be a safe one.


Climate change changes everything, as Naomi Klein put it. 

It is hard to face this truth. I can't do it alone. You probably can't either. 

That is why I am inviting concerned musicians to meet together to:


  • Talk about the climate crisis

  • Discuss how it affects us and our music

  • Share ideas for how to respond in a thoughtful, compassionate and artistic way to this crisis.

This is a support group for Musicians who care about the climate crisis

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or amateur musicians

It is not indented to be an activist group (there are plenty of fantastic activist organisations around)

It is a group for musicians to share, to learn, to support each other in our own artistic work

If you are interested, please email me (Simon Kerr). I will let you know what is happening.


The first meeting is on Saturday 16 Nov, 10am - 12pm


The Church Hall, Brunswick Uniting Church, 212 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056.

The 19 Tram stops on Sydney Road and the closest train station is Jewell, about 6 minutes walk to the venue.

Given this is the first meeting, we will talk about the aims of the group and how we can support each others' artistic practice in response to the climate crisis. Please let Simon know if you can make it!!

(c) Simon Kerr 2019