A Climate Record (2018 and continuing )

This growing collection of songs are part of a project called A Climate Record, consisting of new songs from Music for a Warming World

Never Gonna Die (2015)

Simon's third studio album produced and recorded by Aurora Jane in Brunswick, Melbourne, and includes the epic 'Never Gonna Die' featuring Josh Bennett on Sitar, Tanpura and Tabla.

Sweet Lover (2012)

Simon's second studio album produced and recorded by Damon Smith in Northcote, Melbourne;


'Aspire to be lovers, for life without love is soulless

Love widely and wildly, love justice and beauty, creativity and knowledge, all sentient creatures. But most of all, love now, because we will all, one day, disappear back into the earth from which we came.'

Voyager (2007)

Simon's first studio album produced and recorded n Dunedin with the Acoustic Junkies. It features Simon's first song addressing climate change (Final Warning) as well as the title track 'Goodbye Voyager' tracing the journey of the NASA space probe. This song got the band the title of 'The Pink Floyd of Folk', undeserved clearly but great fun nevertheless!

(c) Simon Kerr 2020