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The Vegetable Song
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Theme: Regeneration (of agriculture)
Eat more plants and fewer (or no) animals.

Agriculture contributes at least 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial forms of agriculture are unsustainable and will continue to degrade land and wreck waterways. Current industrial animal agriculture is the worst with the health consequences now clearly documented by the World Health Organisation and many other leading scientific institutions. This is without considering the moral implications of our industrial scale exploitation of sentient living beings. 

Rethinking how we use our soils and changing our agricultural practices will improve our health, reduce emissions, restore ecosystem habitat and still enable us to feed ourselves.

The headline message is clear; we must eat less meat and more plants, ... as the song will tell you ...
Read: Fish no More: Searching for a Viable Future
This essay is a broader discussion of the more than human world and the food system.



Written by Simon Kerr

Arranged by Simon Kerr, Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb

Simon Kerr, Guitar, Vocals
Kylie Morrigan, Fiddle, Vocals, Claps and general mayhem
Mal Webb, Fretless Bass, Vocals, Stomp, Claps and general mayhem

Matthieu Zirn – washboard (Used with permission)

Recorded by Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Mixed by Mal Webb

Mastered by Crystal Mastering, Melbourne

The Vegetable Song
Key A  (Capo 2 for guitar/Showing guitar chords)

G    C                 G
Let everyone eat more vegetables
C            G
We need to eat fewer animals
   C              B7              Em         C
And all of us will live to a ripe old age
G             D        G
Because of vegetables

And the earth will take you on a tour
And all the streams will be so pure
C                    G    
You can drink the water now it’s clean
And there’s a few cows in the fields
And some chickens roaming free
   A7    Asus7             D    D7
The countryside starts to look green


It really simple to conclude  
The land will give us much more food
If we eat more plants than animals
Then we can plant a lot more trees
Restore the land that’s the key
A better future from less CO2 

You know its true, oh yes you do
So take your partner by the hand

Swing them out then back again                
Do-si-dos all through this song


And don’t forget to sing along

Chorus x3

© Simon Kerr, 18th July 2010 (updated 6 Nov 2019)


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