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Stories for Our New Future 

A new record, music videos and essays all asking one question:

How can we live with the new future?

We are in the midst of a choice;

A planet that is unrecognisable and largely inhospitable to human life and many other species,


We undertake a planetary reset by changing the very basis of how we live.

Both futures are possible, but only one is worth living for

Creating a safer climate future requires urgent and unprecedented system change

These changes affect countries, communities and individuals


Let's get better prepared

We desperately need new collective stories about our relationship to the earth; about the good life; about values that will lead us into that future


Stories For Our New future is our attempt to tell some of these stories through music, writing and video


To take us beyond the science of climate change into what this means for individuals and communities

This newly revised show moves focus to preparing for and adapting to these changes


The Australian Academy of Science has recently (2021) called for a 'meaningful dialogue between all Australians' about how to avoid global warming of 3°C (which would be catastrophic for us and many other species)

Our new show will help promote conversation about some of the stories we need for a safer future

It will help us emotionally engage with these changes

It will connect us with like-minded others in solidarity

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3 Themes - 10 Songs

Acknowledging and Letting Go

Much of what we love and cherish will be lost in the coming years:

The Great Barrier Reef, stunning glaciers, much of our forests ...


Hundreds of thousands of other species, and countless millions of other-than-human animals who are dying and will continue to die ...

The loved places, traditions, history and homes of many many humans ...

And the many people who will die from the 'un-natural' disasters that will keep coming

We are called to bear witness.

We must learn to grieve

Courage and Compassion

We now need to adapt the best we can.


But we are not ready for the scale and speed of climate disruption and ecological crises.


This future will challenge us.


We still have a chance of a future worth living for.

After grief, we need to build courage to create new powerful stories (social narratives) to replace those that got us into this mess. 

And compassion and care to support and guide us because we can only get through this with strong diverse and inclusive communities.


When much of the living world has been lost or degraded, our future lies in regeneration, repair, and an ethic of care:

For our forests, grass lands and the non-humans who live there.

Bringing the living world back to cities

Restoring our soils and our farming communities

Building new energy systems that rely on the sun, wind and storage.

We have a chance but little time left. Let's role up our sleeves with courage and compassion to imagine a new future worth living for.


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