Stories for Our New Future the new project from 'Music for a Warming World'

A new record, music videos and essays all asking one question:

How can we live with the new future?

We are in the midst of a choice;

a planet that is unrecognisable and largely inhospitable to human life and many other species,


we undertake a planetary reset by changing the very basis of how we live.

Both futures are possible, but only one is worth living for

Creating a safer climate future requires urgent and unprecedented system change

These changes affect countries, communities and individuals


Let's get better prepared

We desperately need
new collective stories about our relationship to the earth; about the good life; about values that will lead us into that future


Stories For Our New future is our attempt to tell some of these stories through music, writing and video


To take us beyond the science of climate change into what this means for individuals and communities

This newly revised show moves focus to preparing for and adapting to these changes

It will help promote conversation about some of the stories we need for a safer future

It will help us emotionally engage with these changes

It will connect us with like-minded others in solidarity

Three Themes - 10 Songs


Written through 2020 Australian bush fires and the early pandemic, wondering if we're now ready to end 'this magnificent fling' at the planet's expense

A four chord pulsing mediation, beautifully arranged by Kylie Morrigan. Oceanic, unforgiving, relentless and yet ... still beautiful.

An Appalachian sounding strangely tuned 12 string guitar, fiddle, bass and tight harmonies asking what the kids will do as the waters rise.


An anthropologically influenced half spoken work built around an electronic beat (feat. Parvan on Vocals).

Some people say it is too late to fix things. Maybe they are right. But that is not the point, as this song says, with its rock-based never-give-up commitment.

Stay true to the goodness in our collective nature, refuse to give in to hatred and tribalism. Even if it is our own tribe. Hard core violin solo from Kylie Morrigan.


Too hard to change the world? Start with breakfast. A fun country tune complete with a barn dance.

Take a well known economist, mix with a bit of Johnny Cash, the Beverly Hillbillies and an Australia folk classic, and out comes an energy revolution!

Employing a reflective reggae rhythm, a reminder to not forget the more than human world. Respect, care, restore with urgency and determination. 

We may be the only species who can imagine a different future. Let's use this extraordinary gift bring a safer future into existence. 

Copyright Simon Kerr 2021