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This Magnificent Fling

... though let us remember that many have been excluded from

This Magnificent Fling

Written by Simon Kerr,

Produced by Simon Kerr, Kylie Morrigan and Mal Webb

Recorded and Mixed by Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Videography by Dominic Hook

Video Editing by Simon Kerr and Dominic Hook

Stock Footage under license from

Simon Kerr, Guitar and Vocals

Kylie Morrigan, Violins and Vocals

Mal Webb, Bass, Percussion and Vocals


This summers finally gone I am pleased to know
The orange glow of the forest lingers still
Hold on tightly hold on my friends it just begun
Hold on tight while their song is being sung

They say it has been a grand affair
They say now our glory days are coming to an end
We’ve roamed freely we have dined with kings
We’ve had a most magnificent fling

Ohh …
I’ve seen glaciers melting before my eyes
And Mountain springs are but a trickle now
Some say that its time to pay
The figure in the black cape is traveling our way

Ohh …

But I’ve also seen love restore sight to the blind
I’ve seen people thrive for 60,000 years
I can see a pathway back to the light again
A final farewell to this magnificent fling

Ohh …

We can find our way again
We can find our way again
We can find our way again
We can find our way again

© 7 February 2020

Capo on Guitar 3rd Fret
Dm, C, G (don't play top G string)

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