The Simon Kerr Perspective 

Information on Hosting a Show

Who is it for?

This show is for anyone who likes live original music.

It is also fabulous for those interested in how our individual lives are part of the bigger story of the earth and its changing climate.

The concert can be adjusted for educational purposes and the special interests of a particular audience.

It has been performed for many types of audiences, including people deeply concerned about climate change and who need an injection of hope (music does quite wonderful things to the soul).  And it has been performed for people who know very little about climate change (it changed them!)

Of course, it is also about having fun, and the enjoyment of fantastic, entertaining and original live music!

What type of venues?

Music Festivals: this show is really a themed concert/gig, so it is excellent for music festivals.

House Concerts: an excellent way to entertain your friends and family and have a conversation around climate change. A house concert is literally a concert in your home, with the band and those family, friends and neighbours you wish to invite.

Concert Venues: the show can be organised in a public venue to provide great music and to engage the community in a conversation about climate change, such as a professional group, community or special interest group.

Conferences and Seminars: the concert can be held as part of a conference or  seminar where there is interest in exploring environmental issues, personal well-being in the face of uncertainty and/or connections between art, activism and science.

Schools: this concert can be annotated and provide an engaging dialogue with students.

What is needed?

Music for a Warming world uses BOTH music and visuals. It is entertaining but is not designed for a pub type venue. Rather is is a listening/participating concert.  

Because it uses large scale visuals it requires a darkened venue where the projection screen is a central part of the performance.

This show requires:

            1) Large widescreen projection screen and projector

            2) A sound system suitable for the band

            3) Lighting to illuminate the band but not the projection screen


It is best to discuss the type of venue with us so we can work out how to make it work. It is critical that the three things above can be accommodated because the show is BOTH a concert (music) and cinema (visuals).

We can supply all the above for smaller venues or house concerts where needed, but if we have to fly to a show, then the organiser will need to arrange for these.

How many people in the team?

The show can be performed by a varied size team/band.


At a minimum it requires Simon Kerr (musician) and Christine Parker (visuals/laptop/lighting) and thus can be delivered as a solo musical performance. This is mainly an option for small shows, and where logistics make it difficult to bring a larger band.


Normally the show would be performed by 2-4 musicians plus Christine, or for a large event with sufficient funding, a larger band with full rhythm section. 


The makeup of the band depends on the event, the availability of the other musicians and adequate funding to bring them to the event

How long does the show go for?

The show runs for approximately 75 minutes.


In events with constrained timeframes, it can be reduced, but this needs to be done by negotiation with us (We are happy to do this as needed, but it does take some time due to the complexity of restructuring the visuals).


Ideally, we introduce the show briefly at the start, and then when finished, have time to chat with the audience. Because we see the show as a communal event, we are keen to see a discussion period available at the end of the show. Having a drink and supper available after the show is a useful way to do this.

Is there a cost?

We do not have a fixed charge. We prefer to discuss the model that would best work for your situation. Music for a Warming World is not a commercial venture, but we do need to recover our costs at a minimum. These include our travel, meals and accommodation (where relevant) and an honorarium for the musicians for their time. Normally the costs would be covered by a cover charge/donation to see the show. 

We want to make the show as widely available as possible, and ensure it is sustainable for us to be able to do so.

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