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Video Credit for - Won't Give My Money Any More

Written by Simon Kerr


Simon Kerr, Guitars and Vocals,

Kylie Morrigan, Violin and vocals

Mal Webb, Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Backing Vocals

Daniel Hook, Drums

Recorded and mixed by Mal Webb

Video created by Simon Kerr originally for Music for  Warming World. All images are either owned by Music for a Warming World or in the public domain. Many have been modified through various cunning digital means. Concert footage shot by Christine Parker on an iPhone at the 2018 Illawarra Folk Festival.

Support financial divestment of fossil fuels - take back the money. To date, trillions of dollars are being removed from carbon based investments for both reasons of growing financial risk of coal and oil devaluation, and to the fact the we cannot burn all the fossil fuel reserves without destroying a safe climate.


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© Simon Kerr 2017

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