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was written to convey the urgent need for a climate conscious community. We  need a massive collective effort to respond to dangerous climate change: business, government at all levels, research institutions, NGOs, civil society, arts and music ...

Fortunately we don't need to 'convert' every individual to effect rapid social and technological change. We just need enough of us to push for rapid action.

This song was written to be sung by audiences.

'Together we will raise our voices

Together we will ring the changes

Together we will not stay quiet

For we all need a safer climate

Written by Simon Kerr (c) 2018

Performed at the Woodford Folk Festival 2018, Queensland, Australia

Simon Kerr (Guitars and Vocals)

Kylie Morrigan (Violin and Vocals)

Mal Webb (Bass and Vocals)

Scott Lewis (Keys and Vocals)

Daniel Hook (Drums)

Christine Parker (MacBook and Visuals)


Dominic Hook, Filming and Editing

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