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Guitars and Vocals - Simon Kerr

Violin and Vocals - Kylie Morrigan

Bass and Vocals - Mal Webb

Keys and Vocals - Scott Lewis

Drums - Daniel Hook

Laptop and visuals - Christine Parker

Videography and Editing - Dominic Hook

All for One - Written by Simon Kerr

Violin Tune - Written by Kylie Morrigan

(c) Simon Kerr 2018



This song was inspired by a near maritime tragedy to Captain James Cook and the crew of the Endeavor in 1770. They found themselves being driven by the incoming tide in the middle of the night towards a massive outcrop of coral. They had to launch their boats to try and tow the ship away from the coral. Only a flutter of a breeze saved them, helping to propel the ship away from the coral. It was the second almost tragic encounter with the Great Barrier Reef off what is now known as Northern Queensland.

For more, see Iain McCalman's magnificent 'The Reef; A Passionate History'.



Cook's journey's were truly remarkable, and his  navigation of the entire Great Barrier Reef nothing short of heroic, given the treacherous nature of that coastal environment. 

Yet his mapping of Australia and the subsequent British migration that followed would have a devastating impact on the people who have called Australia home for over 60,000 years.

The past can't be undone, but what the non-Aboriginal community does now to honor the Aboriginal people and redress the profound injustices suffered will define this current generation.  

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