The Simon Kerr Perspective 


 Inspire ways of thinking and feeling optimistically about our warming world;

Give emotional expression to the science and challenges of a changing climate;


Document through music. stories and visual images, the past, present and possible futures for us from climate change; and

Play great music that people will love, because, whatever the future, we all need moments of pleasure and joy!

What is it exactly?

Music for a Warming World is two things at the same time:


- it is a celebration of Music!

Music is not just a means to communicate; it is an end in itself. This is a great musical gig with huge musical variety, fantastic musicianship and lots of audience engagement.


... in other words, people have a great time!

 - It communicates the science behind climate change in a unique way - it is up-to-date, peer reviewed, and highly informative. It covers the renewables revolution, current politics and social justice challenges. It does all without a lecture

... in other words, people learn a lot!


So, if you love live music you will love Music for a Warming World


If you love science, you with Love Music for a Warming World


This is the current program. However, it is a continual work in progress we are always updating and adapting it to keep it relevant and fresh.

Please note that this our own work and is subject to copyright.

Many tunes have been recorded, but not yet all. Where they are recorded, click on the song titles.

There are four parts to the show

PART 1: STORM (the science)

PART 2: LOSS (mourning inevitable losses)

PART 3: CHANGE (technology, politics and justice)

PART 4: HOPE (living well in challenging times)



We are the first generation that through its neglect could destroy the relationship between humans and the planet and perhaps the last generation that can prevent this” (Lord Nicholas Stern, 2014)


1) Before the Storm


A dark, rhythmic and roots based stomper exploring the emotions of the singer as he sees dark clouds on the horizon (metaphorically and literally)


2) Chemistry


By releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases, we are artificially changing the atmosphere. This mostly instrumental song brings us back to the basis of atmospheric chemistry through the use of videos clips and aural experience. Performed in a style Simon refers to as ‘world music’ with an unusually tuned 12 String guitar at its core.


2)a The Atmosphere: a brief visual encounter with the atmosphere, this remarkably thin layer of gases that keeps the planet at the right temperature for human civilisation to flourish. 

3) CO2 and its Discontents 

Another instrumental to accompany some powerful visual images of the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

4) A Song for a Warming Planet


An instrumental, originally composed by cellist Daniel Crawford, where each note corresponds to the average global temperature from 1880 to 2012. Hear the original version here. We added the last 4 years of data to update the piece (up to the 2016 global surface temperature, the hottest in the record.

5) Warming 


Ok, so CO2 is rapidly accumulating at dangerous levels, and planetary temperatures are rising faster than scientists expected, ... but, really, what is wrong with a slightly warmer world? This upbeat country style tune simply asks, 'what's wrong with a bit of warming', and then goes on to explain what it all means (Spoiler - MORE HEAT means more bad stuff) 

6) Greenhouse Gases for the Masses


A partly spoken-word tune in a rap/folk style, this tune lays out the basic facts of planetary warming in a simple way; the rapid increase of carbon in the atmosphere and the temperature increases that parallel the CO2 levels.


To suffer loss is to mourn. But through mourning we are transformed

7) There is a Bear


In thinking what is being lost in our world, this song and came up with this strange tail about a bear, a human and a time machine.


8) For Those Who Will Come


The world we have received also belongs to those who will follow us” (Pope Francis, 159, Encyclical on Care for our Common home’)


This issue becomes personal when we think of our children and grandchildren who will inherit the world from us. This song was released on Simon’s 2011 Album ‘Sweet Lover’ and was written as a love song for future generations.

9) Our Beautiful Dream (A Eulogy)

A musical and visual meditation written in anticipation of a future without the great barrier reef. It uses extraordinary slow-mo footage of coral with the generous permission of BioQuest Studios in Port Douglas, Australia



10) One cheer for Coal (A Capella)


What's coal ever done for us? Oh, that's right, quite a lot really.  It powered the industrial revolution, built our wealth, supported our scientific development, made us much wealthier, given us better health, longer lives and so on. So lets acknowledge our debt to fossil fuel. And then say farewell!

A fun tune requiring mandatory audience participation. 


11) Leave the Dead Where They Fall


Christine and I saw the giant redwoods in Yosemite National Park (California) for the first time recently. It was a powerful, almost spiritual experience, being in the presence of the largest living entities on Earth. This got me thinking about how coal comes from the bodies of dead plants from millions of years ago.


In some ways we’re digging up the spirits of the dead


12) A little Story about Divesting and a Song


One powerful and achievable thing to do it is take our money out of any institution that still invests in fossil fuels, and put it into a responsible institution. Here is a little story about that.

The song is called 'Won't give my money', and a cunning reference to Market Forces


13) We need a Miracle

Want some good news? There are some unanticipated miracles taking place in the world of renewable energy, miracles that no-one anticipated. This story is supported by an upbeat acoustic funk tune!

14) Moving a Big Sky


A song in praise of wind energy, and indirectly all clean energy, from Simon’s 2014 album, Never Gonna Die

15) This Changes Everything (this changes our world)

This song was inspired by Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. Cheap fossil fuels have powered our economies and lifestyle, and made some groups very wealthy. But dangerous climate change means that the poorest will bear the highest costs. Those currently benefiting most will not easily give up their hold on power. We need significant change to the global governance of our atmospheric commons. And this will change everything!



Music for a Warming World is not just about facing up to dangerous climate change, it is also about remembering to celebrate life and thrive as communities and individuals in challenging times. 

16) Imagine the World


The future is not fixed. There are huge changes underway in technology, energy economy and civil society and there are grounds for hope. But only if we decide what sort of future we want. 

This is in an acoustic stomp style, as yet unrecorded. 


17) Simple Things


Living simply is not only good for the planet, but is remarkably good for the soul. This popular reggae sing-along tune is from Simon’s 2011 album, ‘Sweet Lover’. (We sometimes skip this tunes if we run out of time)


18) Permanence (in a temporary sort of way)


To flourish in the face of climate change is to live well in the midst of uncertainty. This tune is off Simon’s first album (2007) Voyager, and suggests that we can find emotional anchors even in the midst of uncertainty and change. The link is to a new arrangement of this tune by the Simon Kerr Perspective.

19) Together

The most recent addition to the set list, a hip-hop driven anthematic call for climate consciousness and engagement by all those you care about the future we are creating though dangerous climate change. We ask audience members to consider what they can do to make their voice heard.
(All songs, except for Song for a Warming Planet, have been written by Simon Kerr)