The Simon Kerr Perspective 

A unique, highly entertaining musical journey telling the story of our changing climate

'Music for a Warming World' uses original folk, reggae and world music, combining it with stunning immersive visuals making it a truly memorable and inspiring event

Enjoy the high quality music, laugh, disappear into the lush world projected images, and leave with hope for a better world

'An artistic and beautifully composed narrative of song and sight'

'A new way of thinking about climate change' 

‘Thought provoking and engaging’

'I found it very powerful and think it is very important that it gets more exposure'

'I felt like I was part of a collective experience ... the music offered something entirely different'

'If you've been in despair, thinking what the hell can I do about climate change ..., see 'Music for a Warming World'

This spectacular NASA video shows the earth at night viewed from space.
Most of that light comes from burning fossil fuels.
Our species is profoundly impacting our planet.